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Good and evil, memories

Good and evil, memories



  The diary I have written represents my first manual on being contemporary, a personal and intimate work that reflects my experiences and thoughts. The title, "The calm of well-being, inventions, and the three-dimensional aspects of concrete and human objects," reflects my inner search and my attention to the world around me. In this diary, I chose to use a simple and direct textual form, without worrying too much about stylistic commitments. On the contrary, I decided to embrace the errors and imperfections that can emerge during writing, because I believe that formal perfection is not always necessary to represent the essence of things.

The goal of my diary is not only to describe my personal experiences but also to offer a definitive daily solution to rhetorical-historical art. By this term, I mean the tendency of many media to use rhetorical and abstract language to describe reality, rather than representing the concrete life of people. In my diary, I tried to overcome this tendency, describing things in their concreteness and objectivity. I wanted to create a comprehensive form of writing that includes all the nuances of modern life, from material experiences to Christian and Arab religious traditions.

My book aims to be an open door to the future, an invitation to a new way of thinking and acting. I distributed it through StreetLib and Tektime, also in a pocket version because I believe that reading should be accessible to everyone. The time period covered by my diary ranges from the eighteen letters contained from August 2005 to March 2007. In these pages, I tried to describe my memories and emotions, without fear of addressing even the difficult moments and "evils" of life. I hope that my diary can be an inspiration for anyone who wants to explore their inner world and discover new ways of thinking.


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